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Petit Forestier arrives in the southern tip of the African continent

Petit Forestier just keeps on going… now strengthening its brand presence in the southern hemisphere with new sites opening simultaneously in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa.

These new openings are in line with a principle enshrined in Petit Forestier's DNA: “We go wherever you go!”. Indeed, it was in support of ID Logistics, a company that is stepping up its operational roll-out in South Africa, that we decided to expand our international network to this country. Soon, a 92-vehicle consignment will be made available to our customer in two cities: about 60 vehicles in Johannesburg and the rest in Durban. This first fleet will comprise new vehicles - Isuzu and UD Trucks - with the vehicle bodywork built on site.

The South African market is mature and highly competitive. A lot of companies already exist there in a refrigerated vehicle rental sector which has less strict health standards and obligations. This clearly represents an opportunity for Petit Forestier which can confidently offer future customers a premium product that is backed by Full Service and a quality of refrigeration that meets European standards. A real springboard for Petit Forestier!

South Africa is Petit Forestier’s 18th country location.