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L’actualité des véhicules frigorifiques

Petit Forestier Celebrates its 20 Years of International Presence

In September, Petit Forestier Ireland is going twice as green to celebrate 20 years on the international scene.

In 2009, six years after its arrival in the UK, Petit Forestier made the leap to Ireland when one of our largest customers, Brakes, wanted us to join them there. This led to the opening of our Dublin depot.   This gave us an opportunity to expand our International network and explore a new market.

Dublin is home to 3 of the 5 million inhabitants in the Republic of Ireland, which of course contributes to its economic vitality. After the financial crisis in 2008-2009, it was able to bounce back and after a few years it is beginning to recover. However unlike our European locations where the rental market is readily embraced, Ireland has a strong bias towards purchase and we face strong competition from many local and international stakeholders in an "emerging" market. There is also some confusion among decision-makers regarding the rental solution for fleet management.

Over the past six years, our team in Ireland have been breaking the taboos surrounding purchase versus contract hire; and will continue to do so to prove that our model is the best for vehicle acquisition in the temperature controlled vehicle market.

For Petit Forestier, being able to get through those difficult years proves to the Irish market that we are a strong brand and that the quality of our offer and service is clearly recognised. However, given that the culture is to purchase, it is only natural that our team face challenges on a daily basis in order to balance the price / brands / services equation.

Today, our well-located depot in Dublin can meet any request with its fleet of 200 vehicles. The Origin Green sustainable development programme from the Irish agri-food subsidiary works in our favour and our team is promoting the advantages and quality of our range with our eco-friendly offer.