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Truly diverse sectors and highly diverse usage

We are the benchmark in every major industry where controlled temperature conservation is key, including the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, medical sector, supermarkets, local authorities, automobile industry, petrol stations and so on.

Our offer delivers turn-key solutions that are adapted:

To your situation

  • increased business levels and seasonal peaks that require "additional refrigeration";
  • crisis management;
  • maintenance work, equipment breakdown.

To your business

  • conserving your foodstuffs, drinks etc.;
  • preserving your produce (grape harvest, fruit and vegetables etc.);
  • research and development; new product testing;
  • keeping your raw materials at a fixed temperature (flower essences, plants, pre-impregnated fabrics,
    rubber, chemical reagents, glues etc.;
  • conservation and compliance with standards for health products (medicines, vaccines etc.);
  • protecting valuables and produce against harmful pests.

And many more…