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Refrigerated display units really are marketing tools. Design is all-important; they should be attractive, appealing and innovative in order to promote your company and brand, and they must work within the limits of your operation.

This consideration is essential in our work with manufacturers with the aim of offering you Premium quality! It is important to consider everything: aesthetics, the manoeuvrability of the units, their sturdiness, energy consumption, environmental impact, the quality of refrigeration produced and so on.

We identify your needs beforehand and set out the specifications. These efforts result in units that are exclusive Petit Forestier designs, both for the "body" of the cabinet and the glass. They are specifically developed to incorporate the latest technology (low energy consumption, "green" gas, LED lighting etc.) and a broad spectrum of accessories (night blind, directional castors, banner stand, temperature indicator, sliding door, presentation rack, product separator etc.).


Over the counter service display using "Green gas"


Self-service display unit
Petit Forestier exclusive design