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How to estimate the right amount?

To help with your party preparations, here is a list of products frequently supplied by caterers, together with the approximate quantity per guest.

This is not an exhaustive list, however it should help you to estimate how much you need. Consider adjusting these depending on the duration and type of event you are organising, for example, cocktails, picnic, dinner or a buffet. Note that guests eat more when standing than when seated, however, care needs to be taken so no-one leaves hungry!


  • Champagne = 6 flutes per bottle
  • Cocktail = 1 litre for 6 people
  • Fruit juice = 1 litre for 4 people
  • Wine = 1 bottle for 3 people
  • Soft drinks, mineral waters = 1 litre for 2 people


  • Canapés = 6 per person
  • Cold meats = 100 g per person
  • Mixed salad = 170 g per person
  • Meat, fish = 150 g per person
  • Vegetables = 150 g per person
  • Cheese = 60 g per person
  • Dessert, cake = 120 g per person
  • Mini-pastries = 6 per person
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Select your desired products and state the quantities.

Sodas, fruit juices, water
6 x 1.5 L bottles
Champagne, wine
Case of bottles
Wine, beer
5L bag-in-box
12 pack of cans
60 toast treats
Box of 2
Canapés, nibbles
30 piece platter
Sweet or savoury tarts
Serves 12
Mixed salad
3 L salad bowl
Cooked meals
3 L deep rectangular dish
Kebabs, meat for the grill
12 piece container
Traditional cold meats
Platter of 12 servings
Cheese board with a selection of 6 cheeses
Fruit and vegetables
30 x 50 crate
Patisserie cake
Serves 12
*Volume and weight are estimated based on standard vehicles in use and according to the type of product offered.
These estimations are provided as a guide only.

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