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Helpful hints

The little things that can make a big difference!

When you rent your refrigerated vehicle from Petit Forestier, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of "The Refrigerated Rental Company."
A few simple tips to help you to prepare properly:

Accurately assessing the distance to be covered to make your reservation gives you more control over your budget.

Correctly loading of the vehicle is important so everything arrives in one piece!

Ensure the rear doors are firmly closed before departure.

Driving a van or towing a trailer is different to driving a car, so take care when manoeuvring.

When you arrive at your destination, it is best to remove the key from the ignition to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you park the vehicle and leave the key in the ignition, you are not insured against theft.

It is best to avoid leaving the vehicle parked for a long time in direct sunlight.

Similar to your fridge, repeated opening and closing of the doors to the refrigerated unit lets the cold air escape.

When the engine is switched off, the refrigerating unit must be connected to the mains to stay cold. We have specially designed leads for this purpose!

If you choose a vehicle with a tailgate, always be careful to leave a safe distance from any other parked vehicles.

The tailgate works off the vehicle battery. We recommend that the engine is running during operation of the tailgate, which requires one person to be in the cab and another to operate the tailgate.

If you use the tailgate with the engine switched off, do so sparingly: raising and lowering the tailgate just a few times will drain the battery and leave you stranded!