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Services for IndividualsService by the refrigeration professionals

When you rent a Petit Forestier vehicle as an individual, you can enjoy the expertise and service of a corporate refrigeration asset rental company. You enjoy a high-quality, efficient "Pro Service" to ensure that your big day will be a big success!

A vehicle to meet your needs

The type of light utility vehicles that we offer are chosen for their user friendliness and adaptability to individual customer needs. Our teams are available to provide you with any further details and to assist your choice.

Turn-key service with 100% peace of mind

The vehicle you are renting is frequently maintained and inspected by our refrigeration engineers, and will be brought down to temperature by the time you arrive at our office in order to maintain the cold chain. You can contact us out of office hours via a helpline number in case of emergency.

With 240 branches in Europe and Africa and our massive vehicle fleet, we can offer the best availability in your local area.
So then, no frostiness between us, just 100% satisfaction!