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Des innovations durables pour offrir de véritables alternatives

Petit Forestier's certified vehicles, mostly aimed at professionals involved in the transportation of pharmaceuticals, laboratories and dispensaries…

The Certicold certification is the guarantee that your trade is getting the best in refrigeration.

Approved Petit Forestier

Learn environmentally friendly driving with Petit Forestier to get maximum use out of your vehicle, drive down costs associated with accidents and reduce your environmental impact.

There are advantages
  • for the company
  • for the driver
  • for the environment
Petit Forestier training school

Electrically-assisted delivery tricycle, marrying clean energy use with delivery simplicity. Equally good for everyday use and events.

An alternative for
  • urban deliveries
  • last mile logistics

A selection of Euro 6 vehicles and several alternative energies in a range of environmentally friendly refrigerated vehicles.